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Primordial Power

TBM Games

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Eons ago, the gods waged war with a chaotic race of elementals, the primordials. Once these fearsome titans were destroyed or sealed away, but now mortal folly may be the world's undoing, as cults to the primordials rise to power.

The package features the following:

  • Profiles for seven prominent primordials, volatile elemental beings with devastating powers
  • A playable genie race, survivors of the primordials' previous rampages
  • A new druid subclass devoted to fighting the primordials and staving away their influence on the mortal plane.
  • A new cleric domain for gods whose portfolios include inflicting and mitigating pain
  • A new scholarly bard subclass who studies the rise and fall of civilizations in the primordials' wake.
  • New spells for all magic users to tap into the apocalyptic powers of the primordials.
  • A smattering of primordial-related foes to challenge heroes of any level, such as a versatile Primordial Cultist, the territorial Emperor Cicada, and the noble Ivory Guard.
  • A guide to creating your own primordials, as well as a table of extra primordials to get your imagination going.

Product Details

Published 8/27/2021
Category Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Planar
Setting Any Setting
Includes 34 Art, 9 Animal Aspects, 3 Subclasses, 2 Conditions, 4 Races, 19 Monsters, 12 Spells, 1 Items, 1 Books, 1 Backgrounds
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