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Kobold Press: Player's Subscription

Kobold Press

Price $3.99 / month
Price $45.00 / year

Reimagine and Dream!


Bringing together new Tales of the Valiant and 5th edition races, classes, magic, and more in a simple subscription, the Kobold Press Players Subscription inspires you to go beyond the ordinary when bringing your player characters to life.  

Choose from over 50 races, including Piney, Bearfolk, Living Shadows, and more.  Over 200 new subclasses, 50+ backgrounds, over 1500 magic and non-magic items, 1000s of spells and more.

Plus Join the Ranks of the Valiant!

Every adventure needs a beginning. Start your own tale in an infinite universe of high fantasy adventure with the Tales of the Valiant Player’s Guide! Within these pages, a trove of knowledge lies ready, waiting for the valiant to claim it!

  • Make your own unique and legendary hero with the new Lineage and Heritage system.
  • Select Talents and Backgrounds that make your hero truly stand apart.
  • Master improved spellcasting and martial abilities to ensure every hero stands tall in a fight!
  • Explore new downtime, exploration and social encounter rules to expand your game beyond the dungeon.
  • Learn a streamlined, 5E-compatible ruleset with unique mechanics to increase both risk and reward.

Tales of the Valiant is a Black Flag Roleplaying Game from Kobold Press. Gather your friends and journey together across a labyrinth of worlds in search of adventure!

Product Details

Published 4/14/2024
Category Character Options, Setting Guide, Gamemaster Options, Bestiary, Game Master Options, Map Collection, NPCs
Theme Wilderness, Underdark, Horror, Dungeon, Urban, Miscellaneous
Setting Midgard, Underworld, Any Setting
Storyline Tales of the Old Margreve
Includes 1387 Art, 37 Encounters, 3 Root Word, 21 Weapon Options, 10 Preternatural Augment, 9 Warlock Pact Boons, 14 Prefix, 4 Group Themes, 16 Conditions, 23 Hieroglyphs, 17 Heroic Boon, 8 Lineages, 157 Races, 6 Traps, 25 Maps, 50 Talents, 1908 Spells, 2440 Items, 36 Metamagic, 17 Books, 10 Pantheons, 4 Aerial Combat Manuevers, 15 Classes, 70 Eldritch Invocations, 11 Techniques, 21 Elemental Masteries, 4 Mojo Bag Recipes, 20 Angelic Seals, 54 Feats, 5 Spirit Binding, 295 Subclasses, 14 Heritages, 3 Fighting Styles, 10 Diseases, 1 Extension, 1 Suffix, 10 Dweomercraft Discoveries, 178 Monsters, 73 Weapon Maneuvers, 23 Battle Tactic, 5 Special Techniques, 15 Augment Effects, 74 Reference Card, 60 Enchantment, 50 Rune, 84 Backgrounds, 51 Draconic Runes
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