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Fool's Fancy: Spells for Tricksters and Mischief Makers

Underground Oracle Publishing

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"I simply don't see the point of being an all-powerful master of the arcane if you can't have a little fun with it once in a while."

- Marreltok Physan, traveling wizard

Across the continent and throughout the realms, there are a variety of influential and powerful beings devoted to the domains of whimsy, trickery, and mischief. From deities who spend countless eons pranking their fellow gods to otherworldly patrons injecting their own brand of monkeyshines into the lives of hapless mortals, these powerful entities have inspired a plethora of festivals and holidays created to celebrate (or ward away) their particular senses of humor.
  But whether through direct intervention or simply acting as muses to the magically-inclined, the most powerful impact that these eternal jokesters have had by far is on the spell books of fun-loving casters.

The following are new spells for characters who don't mind mixing a little nonsense and tomfoolery into their magical repertoires. As with all new play options, please consult your Game Master to verify that these spells mesh well with the vision and direction of their game.

This supplement includes:

  • 5 new April Fool's-inspired spells


This supplement is available in its entirety on our website for free.

Product Details

Published 4/2/2022
Category Character Options
Theme Comedy, Holiday
Includes 1 Art, 1 Books, 5 Spells
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