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Perks and Pains

Realmwarp Media

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"My players are having a blast with perks/pains. Building their characters with them has been great! One asked me if she could take EXTRA pains just for the RP." --NeverNotDM

In the spirit of Savage World’s edges and drawbacks, these perks and pains allow for extreme diversification both during the character creation process and throughout the character's entire career. These options present mechanical changes, but also integrate extremely well with a character’s backstory, developing relationships, or the consequences of the decisions they make while playing.

This product includes:

- 192 character creation options (12 each of major and minor perks and pains for Ancestry, Heritage, Combat, and Roleplay)

- A new system of using bonus dice (perk dice) for some of the perks.

- A small section on design philosophy and how to use these perks and pains


Some of our favorite perks and pains include:

- Eats Anything: You can eat any organic material for sustenance!

- Called Shot: You can take a penalty (-5) to your attack role to apply certain effects when you hit!

- Wanted Dead or Alive: There's a bounty on your head, and people are looking to cash in!

- Mistaken Identity: Somone who looks a lot like you has been causing you some embarrasment and misunderstandings.

Product Details

Published 6/9/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 1 Books, 1 Art, 192 Feats
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