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Kibbles' Compendium of Legends and Legacies


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Book 2 by KibblesTasty, which will include Spellblade, Warden, Occultist, and Warlord as well as dozens of other subclasses, feats, spells, and more! 

Coming to Shard soon!

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Category Gamemaster Options, Character Options, Bestiary
Includes 1 Art, 6 Feats, 8 Army Cards, 64 Occult Rites, 15 Subclasses, 4 Witch Coven, 50 Battle Cards, 1 Extension, 16 Spells, 27 Primal Manifestation, 5 Items, 2 Books, 4 Classes, 25 Spellblade Aegis, 3 Armies
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