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Dark Worlds: The Zepzeg Cycle

Petersen Games

Act 3

Price $11.99

No longer content to watch from the sidelines, Sculptor has taken advantage of the chaos on Yuggoth to transport you to its nearby moon, Thog.  They implore you for aid. In gathering intelligence for your mission, you meet Sister Moemoea, an incarcerated guest of the zepzeg with plans of her own for them. Dare if you will to make deals, exchange payment, and embark on the mission to explore the depths of Thog’s methane lakes.

Product Details

Published 10/12/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Horror
Storyline Dark Worlds
Adventure level 8 - 10
Includes 48 Art, 16 Encounters, 7 Feats, 3 Maps, 20 Monsters, 3 Items, 1 Books
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