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McRoMusic: Mythic Odysseys of Music


A collection of 12 music tracks based on Greek Mythology by McRoMusic.

Price $3.99

This audio pack includes the following tracks based on Greek Mythology and The Labors of Hercules:

  1. The Nemean Lion
  2. The Lernaean Hydra
  3. The Ceryneian Hind
  4. The Erymanthian Boar
  5. The Augean Stables
  6. The Stymphalian Birds
  7. The Cretan Bull
  8. Mares of Diomedes
  9. Hippolyte's Belt
  10. The Cattle of Geryon
  11. The Apples of Hesperides
  12. Cerberus

Product Details

Published 4/21/2023
Category Audio Pack
Includes 12 Audio Clips, 1 Books
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