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Tome of Dungeons = Free Map Pack

Meditating Munky

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This map pack was created by Meditating Munky, and includes the following maps:

  • Abandoned Ruins of the Magi
  • Fortress of the Sealed Magi
  • Goblin Druid Cave
  • Goblin Hill Village (Exterior)
  • Goblin Hill Village (Interior)
  • Jungle Catacomb Entrance
  • Jungle Temple Dungeon
  • Jungle Temple Entrance
  • Overgrown Catacomb Dungeon

If you like these maps, consider backing Meditating Munky's Kickstarter, Tome of Dungeons, a book of Plug & Play Dungeons filled with Traps, Puzzles, New Creatures and NPCs, and Magical Items!

Product Details

Published 5/11/2022
Category Map Collection
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Books, 9 Maps, 10 Art
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