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The Lost Fortress of Galvain

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In The Lost Fortress of Galvain, the party is hired by a local lord to retake his castle from the band of monstrous raiders, led by a minotaur named Shyrasha, who captured it last winter. They’ll be approached by one of the lord’s servants with an invitation to dinner, where he will give the quest and negotiate a reward. From there, the party can venture to the fortress and rid it of its unlawful inhabitants. This is a straightforward adventure suitable for a low level party, and a good opportunity for them to ingratiate themselves with the local nobles. Things can get more complicated if the party ultimately decides to side with Shyrasha. They can find themselves in opposition to the rest of the kingdom, desperately holding a fortress and trying to build a stable demi-realm for themselves.

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Published 8/30/2022
Category Adventure
Adventure level 2 - undefined
Includes 1 Art, 1 Maps, 7 Encounters, 1 Books
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