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Cazilus & Rismerral

TBM Games

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A Brand New NPC for Fifth Edition

"I swear, Cazilus," scoffed a dragon almost as green as his feline companion's eyes, "with the reputation you've made for yourself, I hardly need to join you on such small heists anymore." Cazilus stretched her front legs dramatically before finally lying down on her silk pillow, nestled against Rismerral for warmth.

"Perhaps not, but maybe it's time we set our eyes on a greater prize." Cazilus purred.

Once the pet of a traveling wizard, Cazilus's life truly began when her master was slain by the green wyrmling Rismerral. Shocked into a life as an Awakened Familiar but quick on her feet, Cazilus convinced the infant dragon of her value as a spy and partner in crime.

This supplement includes:

  • Information on the tamer NPC Cazilus and her dragon companion Rismerral.
  • Stat blocks for Cazilus at a Challenge Rating of 1/2, 4, and 7, to fight alongside a green dragon wyrmling, young green dragon, and adult green dragon from your RPG library.

This supplement combines character options from TBM Games' tamer class and Underground Oracle's awakened familiar lineage.

Product Details

Published 8/27/2021
Category Bestiary
Setting Any Setting
Includes 3 Monsters, 1 Books, 1 Art
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