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Realm of Repose

Grim Press

Restore a state of restful sleep & tranquility in your fantasy worlds

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Realm of Repose contains the following content:

● ARCHETYPE: CLERIC REPOSE DOMAIN - Clerics of Repose deal with death and the lawful passing from one world to the next. These undertakers of the realm roam the land seeking out abominations and those who deal in souls.

● DEAD GODS AND UNDEAD MONSTERS - More than a dozen new NPCs to add to your campaign, from a piece of a dead god and its spawn to a new race of salamander folk, these monsters are guaranteed to excite any adventurer.

● MAGICAL SPELLS - Six balanced tier 1 spells to add depth to your players' game.

● ENCHANTED ITEMS - Eleven new magic items, including the fruit of a dead god, a weapon that can increase in power with its owner and a new potion that just might come in handy.

● ADVENTURE! THE HARRIED HARVESTER - An exciting adventure for level 6 players that can be dropped into any campaign that includes a forested area. Four full-color maps to keep your players engaged, not that they will be needed as their characters deal with challenges that will keep them focused on their mission the entire time!

Product Details

Published 6/21/2023
Category Adventure, Bestiary, Character Options, Map Collection
Setting Artanga
Includes 43 Art, 3 Maps, 3 Encounters, 14 Monsters, 6 Spells, 9 Items, 1 Books, 1 Subclasses
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