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Ghoul Island Saga

Petersen Games

The Complete Collection

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Act 1 of the Ghoul Island Saga begins with a storm at sea.  After making it to shore the characters are plagued by nightmare visions of the End of All Things.  Rescuing their crewmates, recovering the cargo, and investigating the source of the visions brings them face to face with all manner of undead horrors.  

The rising undead threat has the town of Farzeen on the ropes, as a newly discovered Cult of Ghatanothoa presents new challenges.  

A dungeon delve, fleeing through the jungle and protecting the refugees form the heart of Act 2 of the Ghoul Island Saga.  

While, they may have won the day in Act 2, Act 3 continues the battle to remove the Cult of Ghatanothoa from their Citadel. 

The characters find a wealth of knowledge, a trapped being of malevolent intent, and an icon to Ghatanothoa’s progenitor, the great Cthulhu. With each revelation, the sense of dread grows, and the characters begin to fear that they have underestimated the power of the Cult. Their worst fears are confirmed when they encounter the seat of Ghatanothoa’s power—its Elder Influence.

After a failed initial attempt, the characters must retreat and regroup for the final confrontation in Act 4 of this epic saga.

The epic conclusion of the Ghoul Island Saga.  After regrouping, the characters are pulled into the Dreamlands to find the tools necessary to defeat Ghatanothoa's influence.  

The return to Farzeen pits them against the Deep Ones and beings summoned from the Void.  Former allies prove their true colors and in the end, the power of a Goddess must be summoned to save the day.

Certain spells and monsters in this adventure come from Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos.  While it is possible to play the adventure without that material, some adjustment will be required.  SPCM also contains the core mechanics of a Cthulhu Mythos game, including special skills, languages, races, and classes, rules for Dread and Insanity, and a full bestiary.  It's very much recommended, to get full enjoyment out of any Cthulhu Mythos adventure.  

Product Details

Published 6/22/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Horror
Storyline Ghoul Island Saga
Adventure level 1 - 14
Includes 243 Art, 9 Random Encounter Tables, 84 Encounters, 18 Maps, 111 Monsters, 18 Items, 4 Books
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