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TOMB - A Dungeon Delve

Brave New Worlds

Price $9.99

A 5e Dungeon Delve for Level 5 Adventurers by Brave New Worlds

In ages past, Reverend Magistratus Krexillius Kornath promised the citizens of the city of Fenbury a path to salvation. It was only after his rise to power was complete that the full extent of his vile ambitions were unveiled. Having amassed an army of skeletal soldiers, The High Ecclesiarch of Fenbury waged war against those with the courage to stand against him and though Krexillius was believed defeated, city was left in ruin and abandoned.

Now, centuries later, a new group of villagers, oblivious to its vulgar past, have formed a small hamlet amidst the ruins of Fenbury. Something stirs beneath the streets, however, and the oppression of Krexillius threatens to surface once more!

TOMB includes:

- 5 massive 48x72 battlemaps, one for each level of this dungeon crawl
- A collection of new undead monsters for you to face
- New skeletal themed magic items and spells
- Tons of secrets and traps for players to discover

Product Details

Published 5/7/2024
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon
Includes 90 Art, 5 Maps, 4 Spells, 16 Monsters, 9 Items, 1 Books
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