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Extraordinary Locations: Ice Hall

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Location For 5th Edition

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“She’s not big, but she’s our home. And when the winter comes to take you, and it will, her strong arms will shield you and keep you whole.”

— Arvind Kellgraut, frost ranger of Ice Hall


Separating the DackTerran Empire from their neighbors to the north is the Arinast, a rugged and highly enchanted mountain range that runs through the country’s northern provinces. The Arinast’s punishing geography, wild creatures, and frigid climate make it almost impossible for large groups to travel through, save for the Highroad, a twenty-eight-mile pass through the mountains that allows for carts and travelers to make the arduous trek from one side of the range to the other during the summer thaws. 

  Along the Highroad are the Winterarks, seven small settlements fortified against the elements and dangers of the Arinast that provide the only respite available in the otherwise inhospitable mountains. And at the Highroad’s steepest point sits Ice Hall, the largest of the Winterarks and the bulwark between the true dangers of the Arinast and the people below.


This supplement includes:

  • Information on Ice Hall, a new wintry location.
  • Key Places around Ice Hall
  • Important NPCs that your players can interact with.
  • A new sport.
  • Plot hooks and rumors to encounter while there.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 5 Art, 1 Books
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