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Welcome to the World of Aihrde.  Subscribers to the world of Aihrde get access to all the core setting content including the Codex of Aihrde, the Player's Guide to Aihrde, and Monsters and Treasures of Aihrde.  While these books form the core content, Aihrde is a living world and subscribers will receive additional supplements to the world's lore on a regular basis. These updates are will either be exclusive to subscribers or available to subscribers well in advance of publication in any other form.  

In addition, subscribers receive a 25% discount on all adventure modules set in Aihrde.  

Product Details

Published 6/8/2021
Category Setting Guide, Bestiary, Character Options
Setting Aihrde
Includes 578 Art, 51 Gods of Aihrde, 64 The Known Runes, 1 Feats, 22 Psionic Powers, 31 Subclasses, 2 Extension, 21 Races, 52 Spells, 281 Monsters, 136 Items, 4 Books, 2 Classes
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