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Game Ready Pirate Crew Pack

Homie and The Dude

In this GAME READY Pirate Crew Pack you’ll get Pete the Pixie Pirate (Triple P), Fiori Thokk, Kato and The Iron Maiden.

Price $5.00

In this GAME READY PIRATE CREW PACK you’ll get: Pete the Pixie Pirate (Triple P), Fiori Thokk, Kato and The Iron Maiden

The following assets for all four NPCs are yours:

5 High Res Original Artwork

– 4 Full Unique Stat Blocks

23 Unique Abilities/Features

–  Option Biographies

– 4 Custom Playing Tokens

The NPCs featured in this Pirate Crew Pack are:

Pete the Pixie Pirate aka Triple P – Pixie Captain of the Ship

Background: Triple P is the Captain of the Thunderbolt, and though very small in size, he is a hands-on leader that gets fights side-by-side with his crew. Don’t be mistaken, though, “you” are expendable to P3. He rules with an iron fist and is quick to lash out (especially if someone mentions his size). Triple P greatest desire is to seize control of the pirate council and sit atop the pirate king throne, though it may be too big for him.



Kato – Mute Human Monk and Co-First Mate

Background: Before being “born again” as a part of the Thunderbolt crew, Kato was a heavy drug addict who lost many years of his life due to substance abuse. These days his core focus is mastery of the martial arts and way of the fist. He is now CLEAN, SILENT and LETHAL. Kato, however, is a gentle soul who only follows the gruesome orders of his maniacal captain as penance for cleaning him up and saving his life.



Fiori Thokk – Half Orc Co-First Mate and Munitions Expert

Background: Fiori grew up in a mine after being sold into slavery by her parents. She grew strong and agile during her time in the mine. She was liberated by the crew of the Thunderbolt of which she subsequently joined. During her service to the Thunderbolt she became a formidable warrior who uses her size and agility to her advantage. She is ruthless and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Even though Fiori is a fighter, she is also very much a lover. Her desire is to one day retire from a life of Piracy and live her last days in peace with her true love.



Iron Maiden – Captain Triple P’s Enchanted Armour

Background: This Stunning suit of armour was once worn by an even more beautiful elven woman. Escaping a noble existence of confinement, she sought a life of lawless whimsy by joining a pirate crew. After two years aboard the ship, she fell in love with the crew’s pixie captain. They lived a lavish life of love and glory plundering many a treasure. One day the ship was ambushed and she was killed in the sneak attack. The pixie captain, bereft by the death of his true love, sought to keep her suit of armour (the only part of her that survived the attack) alive. He took the suit to a powerful wizard at the Arcane Institute to be enchanted and fitted for his use. Now with the newly modified breastplate, the Pixie controls this armour from within during his ruthless conquests and raids. This once amazing, magenta rose caped armour is now known as a symbol of tyrannical piracy.

Product Details

Published 11/18/2021
Category Gamemaster Options, NPCs
Setting Any Setting
Includes 9 Art, 4 Monsters, 1 Books
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