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Tales Beneath the Sands

Kobold Press

More Southlands Adventures

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This book features three adventures that take place in or near tombs beneath the sands of the Southlands.  You can run these adventures separately or as one mid-length campaign. 

Tomb of Tiberesh (2nd to 3rd-level Characters). A traveling archaeological team, Golden Falcon Antiquities, has set up an encampment outside Per-Bastet and is investigating the ruins of the ancient city, Anu-Asir. Unknown to most, Golden Falcon Antiquities is a front for members of a cult of a long-dead god-king named Tiberesh. The cult seeks powerful items related to Tiberesh, hoping to resurrect him with their power. Can the characters survive the tomb and keep the powerful item out of the clutches of the cult?

Star Beneath the Sands (3rd to 5th-level Characters). A rare celestial event has taken place: a three-tailed comet is passing over Sjan’ab and will cause an eclipse over the city. Beacons of light shine all over the region, unsettling the locals. The Society for the Preservation of Relics and Curiosities knows this event signals the opening of a tomb of an ancient god-queen, and they know that tomb holds an item that could prove very dangerous if it ended up in the hands of the cult of Tiberesh. Can the characters get to the item before the cult?

Under the Devil’s Thumb (5th to 6th-level Characters). A curious illness plagues the city of Highgate, and its officials are too afraid of the local thieves’ guild to take major actions to quell the plague. Rumors abound that the guild’s vault holds a magic shroud with the power to end the plague, causing further unrest in the populace. A ravenfolk defector from the guild seeks capable adventurers to face the guild’s gauntlet, which protects the vault, and retrieve the magic shroud to cure the populace.

Product Details

Published 9/14/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon
Setting Midgard
Adventure level 2 - 6
Includes 56 Art, 34 Encounters, 6 Maps, 16 Monsters, 3 Items, 1 Books
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