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Fantasy Complete

Monument Studios

350+ Tracks of Fantasy Music, Environments, and Sound Effects, Including Action, Battle, Drama, and Horror

Price $27.99

Fantasy Complete is a curated remix of Fantasy I-III, unifying recurring motifs & sonic palettes:

  • 60 Fantasy Scores
  • 40 Action, Drama & Battle Scores
  • 30 Horror Scores
  • 63 Environments (forests, caves, oceans, taverns, and more)
  • 30 Magic Spell One Shot Sounds (arcane, fire, necrotic, and more)
  • 20 Melee One Shot Sounds (swords, strikes, parrying, and more)
  • 13 Archery One Shot Sounds
  • 72 Worldbuilding One Shot Sounds (animals, environments, potions, and more)
  • 32 Cinematic One Shot sounds (booms, braams, risers, and more)

Perfect for D&D.

Whether standalone or combined with your existing resources, Fantasy Complete is sure to add an unprecedented level of depth to your narratives. From harps and full orchestra to turbulent landscapes, we’ve got you covered.

Original and Immersive

As life-long musicians and lovers of fantasy, we spent thousands of hours in the studio to deliver you cutting-edge hybrid orchestra and FX. Everything is copyright-free — so feel free to add our sounds to your streams.


Check out our YouTube page to preview some of our music!

Product Details

Published 3/15/2024
Category Audio Pack
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Art, 360 Audio Clips, 1 Books
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