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Ruined Library


The forest has been trying to reclaim the ruins of a library, but wonders can still be found within its ancient walls!

Price $3.99

“Years ago, the Library of Petra Trenese was frequently visited by everyone who wanted to broaden their knowledge on magical subjects.” Lauren, your current employer, gives you the story behind the location where she wants you to venture. “I don’t even know if the book I’m seeking will still be in readable condition, but I can’t give up the search without at least trying. You’ll be looking for a book with a black clover bearing the symbol of a tree.”

You nod in understanding. Lauren wants you to retrieve the tome and is paying you handsomely. Hopefully the quest will be as simple as it sounds; go to an abandoned library and retrieve one book.

When you arrive at the location you see that the front of the library is still in good condition. As soon as you enter though, you realize the rear of the structure has already crumbled. The roof here has numerous holes, and the books scattered around are wet from lying in unfavorable conditions. As you approach the books, they rise up, displaying a collection of very sharp teeth. The tomes are animated and won’t give up their secrets easily!

After the fight, you find the tome Lauren asked you to retrieve at the back of the library. Even though the other books around it have been destroyed, this one is in pristine condition. You start to wonder  – just what kind of magical artifact is this book? However, the words inside are written in a language none of you recognize. You shrug. Your goal was to find this tome. What Lauren will do with it is none of your business… or is it?

Product Details

Published 12/12/2022
Category Map Collection
Theme Wilderness, Mystery
Setting Any Setting
Includes 4 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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