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Rivals and Allies: Moira and Bodo

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New NPC Duo For 5th Edition

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“As stupid as it sounds, I figure if I can make Bodo’s life better than it would have been, I’ll sort of be making mine better too, you know? Ugh, pass the ale, I f**king hate being sincere.”

— Moira Kavaar, Monster Hunter


Moira and Bodo are excellent monster hunters, not just because of their talent with spells and knives, respectively, but because they understand the difference between the real monsters that need killing and those races and creatures that are simply demonized and misunderstood.


This supplement includes:

  • Information on the sorcerer NPC Moira Kavaar and her Skremp sidekick.
  • Roleplaying tips to help GMs bring them both to life.
  • 2 Full Stat Blocks
  • Plot hooks to introduce your party to these NPCS

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Includes 3 Art, 2 Monsters, 1 Books
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