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Sandbox Adventures: Volume 1

Shane Collins

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A tavern at the edge of the frontier, a sleuth of NPCs who all have something to hide, and a long forgotten evil lurking beneath it all. An organic module containing a rich setting, diverse NPCs, beautiful art, and an original combat encounter, The Last Stand Tavern contains an easy-to-follow design containing everything a GM needs to run a memorable game night with almost no preparation. This module can work as both a recurring setting/PC home base or as a side-quest adventure.

A desolate village in the frozen north, an ancient god forgotten beneath the ice, and a mad druid who is more than meets the eye. Hunted on the Snow Barrens is a 5E adventure module for a 5th level party to complete in 1-2 sessions. If the party can survive a deadly blizzard and the attacks of animals driven into a rage, they will be forced to make an impossible choice. This module can be easily dropped into any campaign set in a cold, wintry environment. 

Something evil lurks within a forgotten jungle temple, corrupting the very plants and animals that dwell there. Lead by acolyte with a hidden agenda, if the party can survive the temple’s traps, parasitic lichen, mind-controlled giant beetles, and a confrontation with the spirit of a dead Dryad, the party may be rewarded with ancient treasure – if they’re clever enough to find it. Tomb of the Forgotten is a fresh take on the classic dungeon crawl designed for a 1st level party.

Something worse than rats lurks in the sewers below the city. An ancient monster with alien intelligence is hunting the party. Can they survive? Horror beneath the City is a 5E horror adventure module for a 7th level party to complete in 1-2 sessions. If the party can survive cave-ins, gain the support of a retired adventurer who’s hiding something, and defeat the evil monster, they may discover a silver deposit worth all the trouble. This module can be easily dropped into any campaign with a town or city advanced enough to have a sewer system. Featuring art from Paweł Parol, Dean Spencer, and Shane Collins.

Azlac, the Goblin King that has united several scattered goblin tribes in the area, has been wreaking havoc on the local towns and roads. Can the players infiltrate his lair and end the goblin raids once and for all? In addition to some new Goblin baddies to throw at your players – including a goblin-harpy crossbreed – Azlac also has two powerful magical weapons at his disposal. The players will need their wits, brawn, and possibly some unlikely allies they meet along the way if they are to survive.

There are some great low-level goblin adventures out there. Lair of the Goblin King, a 4th level adventure for 5e, is meant to be used at the final “boss battle” adventure to complete a low level goblin arc for your campaign.

A beautiful young woman has vanished and appears to have been murdered in Blackthorn Keep. When everything is more than it seems and every NPC is hiding something, can the players uncover what really happened to Mara Andal? Set against a precarious meeting of two noble houses, this 30 page adventure is bursting with hidden clues, red herrings, nefarious NPCs, political intrigue, and an entire castle to explore.

The Sunspear is a legendary merchant ship that vanished years ago. Sailors and pirates whisper about what happened to her crew – and the treasure the Sunspear’s hold might still contain. One captain, a bold and daring cutthroat named Barrak, is daring enough to lead a crew to capture the ship and return it to port. Can the party track down the Sunspear, liberate it from the vile werecrabs that haunt it, and return it to port?

The blacksmith’s son has wandered into the vast and unforgiving frozen wilderness. Can the party rescue him and uncover the darker mysteries at play in the Caligo Fields?

Lost in the Caligo Fields is a search-and-rescue hexcrawl optimized for a 4th level party for Fifth Edition. Built from the ground up to utilize Hexplorer Map tiles, this adventure features a system for navigating and exploring the treacherous and mist-filled arctic terrain. The Stonelakes – a nomadic tribe of Buranar – have halted traveling to their winter hunting grounds until Erilik, the smith’s son, returns. Presumed kidnapped by the brutish Moss Giants, the party must survive raiders, giants, the elements – and worse – if they are to save young Erilik.

At the edge of the frontier, Broadapple Farm grows apples and cabbages while repelling the occasional attacks of the troublesome hill gnoll tribes that roam the countryside. However, an unknown force has united the scattered bands of gnolls and the attacks have grown more tenacious and deadly. Can the party track down the gnolls and put an end to this deadly menace?


Attack on Broadapple Farm is a tactical/combat focused 1st level adventure where the party must survive a wilderness hex crawl before confronting the enemy in their hideout.

The Blue Horns, a disciplined and principled group of bandits who are part Robin Hood and part Roman Legionnaires, have long terrorized wealthy noblemen and merchants in the region. Set amidst the arrival of a dangerous dragon and a newly active volcano, the party must first survive the unforgiving wilds to find the bandits. When they do, will try choose a side in their internal conflict, help the bandits defeat the monsters trapping them, or wipe the Blue Horns out once and for all? Filled with intrigue, opportunities to make friends or enemies, and loaded with plot hooks and side quests, this adventure won’t just test the party’s ability to survive; it will test their morality. Featuring art from Pawel Parol, Shane Collins, Dean Spencer, Eric Pommer, Rick Hershey, Donnie Maynard Christianson, Daniel Comerci,  and Bob Greyvenstein.

Product Details

Published 11/4/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Mystery, Horror, Wilderness, Urban, Arctic, Dungeon, Intrigue, Aquatic
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 1 - 8
Includes 2 Extension, 232 Art, 44 Maps, 26 Random Encounter Tables, 1 Races, 2 Ships, 25 Encounters, 68 Monsters, 13 Items, 12 Books
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