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Into the Mists

Scry Society Publications

A spine-tingling mini- adventure for 3rd-level characters, with combat, roleplaying, and exploration!

Price $4.99

Welcome to Evermist Swamp,

where the siren swarms sing their haunting melody,

where hapless sailors crash their ships upon the shore,

where even the bravest of adventurers feel a chill run down their spine,

and where something stirs deep within the mists...

Into the Mists is an adventure for Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), intended for a party of 3rd-level players, but can easily be adjusted for more or less difficulty (including optional lair actions for the final boss battle). It takes approximately 6 - 10 hours to complete, but includes tips for shortening it if you'd like to run it as a one-shot. It also includes random encounter tables, for a different experience every time you run it. It incorporates elements of each of the three major pillars of D&D: combat, exploration, and roleplay.

Adventure Summary: In this adventure, players have been hired to recover a powerful magical artifact from a ship that crashed on the shores of the treacherous Evermist Swamp. The story begins with their arrival in Lastport, a rugged town deep within the swamp, built from the wreckage of hundreds of ships, and featuring a colorful cast of NPCs. Along the way they will encounter many strange and dangerous things in the swamp, and must make a difficult decision that could tear the party apart. But they aren't the only one looking for the magical artifact...

The adventure includes:

  • A vibrant starting town and rich surrounding region that you can easily integrate into your own home setting, with a detailed map, breakdown of locations, and a colorful cast of seven unique NPCs (each with their own story hooks, personality traits, bond, ideal, and flaw)
  • Five custom maps, including three battle maps, a map of the starting town, and one of the entire Evermist Swamp
  • An interactive puzzle encounter that allows your players to have a hands-on experience in finding a solution
  • Two random tables (one for combat and one for exploration) that ensure each playthrough is unique
  • Three custom monsters (siren swarm, siren husk, swamp hag), complete with beautiful artwork and exciting new abilities (including bonus lair actions for those DMs who want to really challenge their players)
  • Multiple magic items that are a great fit for any swamp-themed adventure
  • A custom sub-race (swamp elf) that any of your players can use when they join your campaign
  • A hand-picked collection of artwork from the public domain to be used as handouts or to inspire your own descriptions of the Evermist Swamp


Want to see it in action? Check out this one-shot, run by the folks at ParadiceRPG.


"Into the Mists is a thorough adventure with an interesting, unique location that will draw in any DM or player looking to let their imaginations go wild."

- Stefon, DM of One-Shots in Paradice

Written, designed, and edited by: Nick Galvin 

Published by: Scry Society Publications

Cartography by: Nick Galvin (using an InkarnatePro license) and Moonlight Maps (

Cover art by: Daniel Wood (

Title design by: Tanner LaBelle (

NPC art by: @PynkDragon (website) and Art of Amanda NP (DriveThruRPG)

Additional token art by:

Additional artwork from the public domain (credited where used)

Product Details

Published 3/17/2021
Category Adventure, Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Wilderness, Horror
Setting Any Setting, Swamp
Adventure level 3 - 5
Includes 69 Art, 6 Maps, 1 Random Encounter Tables, 1 Races, 3 Encounters, 22 Monsters, 17 Items, 1 Books
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