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Uncommon Origins: New Backgrounds For 5e

Underground Oracle Publishing

Brand New Backgrounds For 5th Edition

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“This world is full of shadows. Plenty of them lurk around corners and skulk around dungeons waiting for you to wander into them, but the worst of the lot always seem to be stretching from a long ways behind you.”

- Garena Hillsworn, child hero of Ebonsong, slayer of the Horned Horror

Every epic tale of bravery or villainy begins with the humble start of its characters. The farmhand who drops their pitchfork to pick up their blade. The pickpocket who abandons their streets for dungeons. The young lord who seeks something far beyond their name and title. No matter how grand the adventure or shocking the twist and turns may be, the beginnings of these tales are often very familiar. 

  But there are those adventurers who come from more uncommon origins. Champions frozen in time and revived in an unknown world. Travelers from distant lands who crossed the borders of planes rather than countries. Former villains clinging to the chance of redemption. While these beginnings may not be well known, the heroes that spring from them are sure to make their marks on history. 

This supplement includes the following backgrounds:

  • Adventurer From Afar - You're a traveler from another world.
  • Awakened Being - You were once a something. Now you're a someone.
  • Born Under A Bad Sign - You were marked by a strange omen.
  • Child Hero - You entered the world of heroes too soon.
  • Dream Chaser - You were given great dreams of adventure.
  • Fallen Jester - You fought against the aristocracy and lost.
  • Frozen Champion - You're a hero removed from your time.
  • Lone Survivor - You were the only survivor of a terrible tragedy.
  • Redemption Seeker - You're a former villain trying to pay your debts.
  • Wild-Raised - You were raised by beasts.

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Published 7/23/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 10 Art, 1 Books, 10 Backgrounds
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