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The Fetid Tomb

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The Fetid Tomb takes the adventuring party in search of a missing caravan into the Blauttwood, a dense tropical forest at the base of the Broken Peak mountains in Brennskald. As the characters navigate the jungle with the aid of Ivan, an optimistic yet naive student of magic doing fieldwork who was travelling with the caravan before it vanished, the ground opens up beneath their feet, dropping them into an ancient tomb. If the party wishes to survive, they must make their way out past the tomb’s traps, puzzles, and undead warden guarding the tomb’s hidden relic – the entrapped spirit of a devil general who invaded Brennskald many centuries before.

Product Details

Published 8/30/2022
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon, Wilderness
Adventure level 7 - undefined
Includes 2 Art, 1 Maps, 9 Encounters, 1 Monsters, 1 Books
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