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Injuries & Vile Deeds

Lone Colossus Games

Injury Systems, Villains, and Villainous Character Options for 5e

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Gone are the days of nondescript attack and damage rolls. Injuries & Vile Deeds restores excitement to combat, providing rules for cinematic, tactical encounters. PC Injuries create narrative tension, keeping the party on its toes as they weigh the risks of pressing on or allowing their enemies to get a step ahead. Meanwhile, players can now add mechanical effects to descriptive combat, inflicting Injuries on their enemies and causing negative status effects with every action.

This supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is filled to the brim with nearly 200 new backgrounds, feats, items, spells, subclasses, villainous NPCs, and terrifying monsters. Each new character option and enemy ties in to the Injury systems, making it easy for you to apply cinematic descriptions to thoroughly tactical combat.

Items and subclasses are fully illustrated, and most monsters and NPCs come with custom tokens using their illustrations.

Product Details

Published 3/26/2023
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Bestiary
Theme Horror
Setting Any Setting
Includes 113 Art, 6 Eldritch Invocations, 64 Spells, 79 Monsters, 22 Feats, 4 Metamagic, 58 Items, 1 Books, 12 Subclasses, 10 Backgrounds
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