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The Big Sleep: The Fate of the Empire

Petersen Games

Act 3

Price $11.99

You and your heroes now seek assistance from the mountain kingdom of Lorenz, but King Leo proves troublesome indeed. He demands your heroes lead an expedition to the cultists’ hollow mountain. Unfortunately, his secret dreams and weaknesses threaten your mission, and your heroes must flee on Pegasus-back in an exciting aerial chase against winged nightmares.

Your heroes make their way to the imperial capital, but the court is in turmoil. You have the unique opportunity to shape the empire’s response to the crisis. Can you organize and unify the empire? Can even the massed forces of humankind stave off the looming disaster? Or is all the world fated to end up in the gullet of the monstrous Sleeper – Tsathoggua himself.

Product Details

Published 8/2/2022
Category Adventure
Theme Horror
Storyline The Big Sleep
Adventure level 8 - 10
Includes 63 Art, 4 Maps, 36 Encounters, 26 Monsters, 7 Items, 1 Books
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