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Horror at Devil's Run

Jeff Stevens Games

Price $5.99

Horror at Devil's Run is a 2 to 4-hour adventure designed for four to five characters of 4th to 6th level, optimized for 5th level characters. 

The small farming village of Devil’s Run is about to have its yearly pumpkin festival.

Unbeknownst to many, Old Pete Barker, a pumpkin farmer of many years, was having difficulty growing his pumpkins. Pete doesn’t have an ample water source, unlike Molly Simms, his primary rival for the coveted largest pumpkin award.

Old Pete, fixated on winning the grand prize, made a deal with a dark  force. As we know, deals with dark forces are seldom good, and Pete Barker’s deal ended up costing him and the village dearly.

Product Details

Published 9/27/2022
Category Adventure
Theme Horror
Includes 32 Art, 5 Maps, 11 Encounters, 8 Monsters, 4 Items, 1 Books
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