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Arcane Affinity Magic Item Bundle Vol 2

Arcane Affinity

80 Fully illustrated Magic items!

Price $22.00

These items come ready to use, and poised to help your and your party create awesome new moments in your 5th Edition Campaigns. Ideal items for a session involving Witchcraft or Voodoo, Wild at Heart Items, Items with a fey twist from the Hidden Glen and Items from the sands of the desert, your players will be cursing and beguiling each and every encounter with these item sets.

Items in Vol 5

  • The Blade of Malignant Will
  • The Unholy Chalice
  • The Bubbling Cauldron
  • Broom of Runewind
  • The Black Cat Pendant
  • Bridget's Brimmy
  • Divination Bones
  • Staff of Shrunken Heads
  • Witch’s Brew Supplies
  • Bag of Preservation/Aging
  • The Eye of the Grey Sisters
  • Tome of Blood Magic
  • Auntie’s Box of Puppets
  • Dark One’s Ring
  • Ring of Bewitching
  • Sack of Helpful Humonculi
  • Gnarled Wand
  • Dreamcatcher
  • The Mask of Mayhem
  • Elder Thorn

Items in Vol 6

  • Wrath of the Thicket
  • Toxic Bloom
  • Blight Warden's Shield
  • Ancient Oak Armor
  • Prying Earth
  • Twist of Nature
  • Vinelord’s Robe
  • Weapon of Growing Grasp
  • Atlas X274-Z Ray Tracer
  • Mistblade
  • S.N.A.K.E
  • Instant Soldier Pill
  • Wilbur’s Remote Rockets
  • Ashen Mail
  • Roti The Killer FriendBot
  • Z480 Seeker
  • Fenfirs Vines of the Goodberry
  • Drenax’s Dragon Soul Band
  • King Remy Andrew’s Blade of Abjuration
  • Tyllise's Deal Breaker

Items in Vol 7

  • Soulstone Pendant
  • Tomb Guard's Blade
  • Blightfire Scepter
  • Croconile Covering
  • Sarcophagus Rucksack
  • Ankh of Eternity
  • Ra's Radiance
  • Tablet of Anubis
  • Nefertiti's Serene Visage
  • Feather of Ma'at
  • Eternal Labyrinth
  • Eyes of Horus and Ra
  • Isis' Radiant Wing Fan
  • Khopesh of the Pharaoh
  • Mask of Tutankhamun
  • Oasis in a Bottle
  • Rosetta Shard
  • Saqqara Bird Amulet
  • Scarabs of Ra
  • Sistrum of Hathor

Items in Vol 8

  • Apiary Stingbows
  • Badger Garbs
  • Boars Head Heater
  • Centelasher
  • Dread Owls Talon
  • Emerald Tortoise Shell
  • Fire Beetle Battle Armor
  • Gatorblade
  • Hat of Fawnstep
  • Mastiff Manacles
  • Mules Man Purse
  • Octoshroud
  • Quiptrops
  • Simian Crushers
  • Snakes Mouth Quiver
  • Thunder Rams Helm
  • Toad Kababsher
  • Venom Bulb
  • Windsear
  • Wolf Lords Mantle

Bugs & Support

If you have questions about any of the items included with this pack or would like to report a bug or issue you can contact us via Patreon or Instagram

Product Details

Published 2/27/2024
Category Character Options, Game Master Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Horror, Wilderness, Modern, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 80 Art, 157 Items, 4 Books, 8 Reference Card
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