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Royal Palace: Inner Court


A Resplendant Court | Two Floors | 20 Variations | 40x58

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Part of the Royal Palace series. the Inner Court leads up from the top of the Outer Court map. This area is for the royal family and their closest entourage and servants. At the top of the 2nd floor is the entrance to the Royal Throne Room. The rest of the map is opulent bedrooms, bathrooms and banqueting halls.

The map is 40x58 squares, and includes a total of 20 variations (including the base image) across two floors:

  • Day | Night | Dark
  • Autumn | Spring | Winter
  • Fog | Rain
  • Blood River
  • Massacre

The Royal Palace Series

Thi is just one of four maps that comprise the Royal Palace series. You can find the other parts in the Shard Marketplace.

Product Details

Published 2/20/2024
Category Map Collection
Theme Urban, Wilderness, Historical, Arctic, Intrigue
Setting Any Setting
Includes 21 Art, 2 Maps, 1 Books
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