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Gothic Nights Bundle

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Bundle of Gothic Supplements For 5th Edition

Price $14.99

Flesh out your gothic campaigns and settings with this specially curated bundle of GM and Player options!


This bundle includes the following supplements:

  • Bardic College: College of the Curse Caller
  • Deities and Domains: Octanoss
  • Heprion's Guide: Legendary Cursed Items
  • Monsters Mythica: Black-Eyed Child
  • Monsters Mythica: Dread Coachman
  • Ranger Archetype: Veil Watchman
  • Rivals and Allies: Biaga, The Prima Ghoula
  • Sorcerous Origin: Fallen Angel
  • Underground Map Packs: The Ghastly Opera House
  • Underground Map Packs: The Strange Crypt

Product Details

Published 5/12/2021
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Map Collection, Bestiary
Theme Dungeon, Urban, Horror
Setting Any Setting
Includes 6 Brand, 24 Art, 2 Maps, 5 Dirge, 4 Monsters, 6 Spells, 3 Feats, 11 Items, 4 Subclasses, 10 Books, 1 Backgrounds
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