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Cities of Myth: FREE PRIMER

Realmwarp Media

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This setting primer offers a glimpse into the special setting of Cities of Myth. It provides an overview of the setting, including the exploration, pantheonic values,  and abberant corruption mechanics. It provides a sampling of our custom background features, 2 races, our new class with 1 subclass, and 4 other subclasses.

For the full flavor and worldbuilding of Fallen Camelot and Atlantis (coming soon), check out those products!

Product Details

Published 4/22/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 7 Delving Technique, 3 Art, 20 Deviations, 6 Background Feature, 5 Subclasses, 5 Races, 1 Books, 3 Backgrounds, 1 Classes
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