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The Cantrip Cantina: Spirits of Pallowen

Underground Oracle Publishing

New Cantrips, Drinks, and More For 5th Edition

Price $2.99

The leaves have turned and the last of the crops is being brought in from the fields, which means it’s time to start preparations for Pallowen, the festival of the frightful harvest! At the Cantrip Cantina, patrons and staff are dressing up and passing out a brand new batch of arcane alcohols specially created by Arleena Rindaloo and inspired by everyone’s favorite spooky season. 

And because Arleena could never forget about those casters after her own heart, she’s also got a new selection of Pallowen-themed cantrips on tap for those who are looking to expand their Cantripothy repertoires.


This supplement includes:

  • 3 new creepy cantrips.
  • 3 new eerie extraordinary liquors.

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Gamemaster Options, Character Options
Theme Holiday
Setting Any Setting
Includes 3 Spells, 4 Items, 1 Books
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