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Creature Companions: A New Option For Any Class

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Creature Companion System for 5e

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“Sometimes, a family is a hardened warrior, a grizzled old wizard, a strangely talkative monk, a stocky knowledge seeker, and their dancing beetle covered in assorted fungi.”

— Qwinston Mayhill, knowledge seeker

A slimeling slithers from beneath a now unlocked door and accepts a scrap of meat from their dungeoneering keeper. A bard sings in the town square while his pygmy owlbear toddles through the crowd accepting coins. A brawler lifts her domidan high into the air so it can see the next match in the crowded arena. 

  Over the course of their travels, adventurers cross paths with the most dangerous creatures in the realms, often surviving gnashing teeth, magical attacks, and feral ambushes by margins thin enough to see through. But it takes a special kind of individual to face the monsters of the world and not blink. And an even more special one to reach out and give them a pet afterward.

New Friends, New Rules

The following new game option introduces rules that would allow anyone to link themselves to a creature companion, something typically reserved for druids, rangers, and wizards. Although some tables will find this to be an excellent way to expand their games and open up new roleplay opportunities for their table, some players and GMs may find the introduction of additional companions cumbersome to their style of gameplay. 

As with all new rules and game options, it is highly recommended that the addition of creature companion options into your game be discussed during your pre-campaign conversations or during your group’s session zero, specifically how players and GMs will handle the danger and mortality that accompanies adventuring with a living creature and how that creature will be handled mechanically throughout the course of their gameplay.

This supplement includes:

  • The complete system for any class to link with a creature companion!
  • The 5 stages of unique benefits that each creature companion provides.
  • 17 creature companions to link with, including:
    • Cat
    • Black Bear
    • Domidan
    • Elk
    • Felusion
    • Giant Wolf Spider
    • Holderkin 
    • Noggle's Beetle
    • Owl
    • Polynymph
    • Pseudodragon
    • Pygmy Owlbear
    • Slimeling
    • Warhorse
    • Wolf
    • Wyrm Toad
    • Zephyr
  • 4 link empowering feats to take your bond and your creature companion to new heights!
  • 3 spells provided by your mystic link.

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Product Details

Published 5/24/2022
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Bestiary
Setting Any Setting
Includes 23 Art, 9 Monsters, 3 Spells, 4 Feats, 1 Books
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