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MikWewa - Clockwork Dungeon Battlemaps

Mik & Wewa

Find what grinds your gears and fight that steampunk villain!

Price $4.99

Clockwork Dungeon battlemap pack by Mikwewa

Battlemap properties:

Resolution: 2800x4900px @ 140 DPI
Grid: 20x35 @ 140px
Variations: Original, Lava, Water, Orb, Dome, Poison Steam, Healing Steam, Green Liquid, No Pipes, Timestop and Flooded

Variants: Day and night

Total: 22 maps

Cogs, pistons, gears and steam! A clockpunk/steampunk paradise is within your reach. This complex mechanism can fit in every campaign, whether as the pocked dimension, inside of a villain pouch clock or as a massive dwemer workshop - it's up to you. Many variants will add the flavor and there should be tons of saving throws!

Get this immensely detailed map pack and grind your player's gears!

Enjoy your adventuring!

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Product Details

Published 4/6/2021
Includes 22 Art, 22 Maps, 1 Books
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