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Monsters of the Dungeon

Andrew Cawood

Price $19.95

Over 120 new monsters plus resources to run a dungeon campaign. Organized into seven unique dungeon chapters; Arcane, Castle, Manor, Thieves’ Guild, Tomb, Wilderness, and Mountain. The sixth book in our bestselling Monsters series!

From the Blabberblub to the Zombie Basilisk, from Skull and Bones to the Draugr King. Your game will never be the same!


  • 300+ Adventure hooks
  •  A collection of unique magic items
  •  Seven different dungeon types
  •  Game Master advice
  •  An adventuring party of seven heroes
  •  123 new 5E monsters with individual illustrations, stat blocks, and bios
  •  aberrations, constructs, undead, monstrosities, fiends, fey, elementals, oozes,   plants, humanoids, and dragons
  •  CRs 1/2 to 30
  •  Encounters and events tables

Product Details

Published 2/20/2024
Category Bestiary
Includes 274 Art, 123 Monsters, 19 Items, 1 Books
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