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Underground Token Packs: Pack #2

Underground Oracle Publishing

VTT Ready Tokens For Your Underground Oracle Supplements

Price $2.99

Our Underground Token Packs feature alternative art for batches of your favorite Underground Oracle Publishing supplements, completely compatible with your virtual tabletop of choice.  

This token pack highlights the different playable lineages released by Underground Oracle so far with 2 alternative tokens for each.  


Featuring art by Toby Blanchard, this Token Pack includes 2 alternate tokens for:

  • Creaturecopia: Garshep
  • Creaturecopia: Skremp
  • Remarkable Lineages: Dagari
  • Remarkable Lineages: Marabu
  • Remarkable Lineages: Satyrs
  • Remarkable Lineages: Shandow
  • Rivals and Allies: Moira and Bodo

Product Details

Published 8/14/2021
Category Character Options, Map Collection
Includes 14 Art, 1 Books
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