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Take care of the imp infestation inside of the watermill!

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The miller from the watermill by Alderly has asked you to help him with a critical problem. A portal to Hell has opened in his orchard, and his mill has been overrun by demonic creatures. Last he saw, a bunch of imps were jumping around on his sacks of flour. If nothing is done about the terrible fiends, the miller will lose his livelihood.

In exchange for a priceless family heirloom you agree to clear the watermill from the imps. You enter the building to see a small kitchen with a dining table. There’s also an area for resting next to the fireplace. You follow the sounds of the demonic creatures through a room with the mill’s machinery to the storage room where you see a dozen imps on flour sacks. You fight them and dispatch them back to hell.

In the miller’s bedchamber you find a lesser demon and rid the place of his presence too. Finally you come to the portal in the orchard but luckily find it closed. The problem has been resolved and the miller thanks you, handing you a necklace which feels magical in nature.

Product Details

Published 12/12/2022
Category Map Collection
Theme Aquatic, Wilderness, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 4 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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