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Boss Battle: Shark Queen's Lair

Humperdink's Wares

An epic underwater challenge at three levels!

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SHARK QUEEN'S LAIR: Chaos at the Coral Court

An epic underwater challenge! 


Shark Queen's Lair is a Fifth Edition encounter for four characters of 5th, 9th, or 14th level. This encounter is setting and adventure agnostic and can be run as a one-shot or easily slotted into any campaign that you like. The document includes rules for running the multi-wave battle, as well as the monsters, spells, loot, and player options that fit the setting.


New Content for 5E!

This adventure brings you loads of new and exciting content!

  • 10 New Monsters with Art (tokens for all monsters!)
  • 8 New Magic Items with Art & Mechanics
  • 7 New Spells
  • A New Race: Sharkin
  • A New Feat: Netmaster


How to Use this Encounter

Shark Queen's Lair includes the following resources:

  • The Coral Throne battlemap by Cze & Peku.
  • Monsters & story by Humperdink's Wares.
  • Monster and items illustrated by Loot Tavern.
  • Monster tokens and hazard templates for each wave and level of the encounter.
  • Fully hyperlinked handouts.


At Humperdink's Wares we aim to have the most user-friendly adventure modules out there! That's why we've teamed up with Jennigma to bring you fully hyperlinked, easy-to-understand journal entries that take the stress out of GMing and let you relax and have fun.


If you've any feedback, hop onto the Humperdink's Wares Discord server or drop an email to Enjoy!

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Adventure, Bestiary, Gamemaster Options, Character Options
Theme Aquatic
Setting Any Setting
Includes 38 Art, 9 Encounters, 1 Feats, 1 Races, 3 Maps, 14 Monsters, 8 Spells, 8 Items, 1 Books
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