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Medieval Jail


A Grim Prison | 18 Variations | 41x60

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Visit the heart of a grim prison, where cells, guard quarters, and eerie torture implements lie in wait. Are your players sneaking in? Sneaking out? Or attempting some sort of other shenanigans? Use the haunted variation to introduce spectral entities who may hold the keys to the jail's darkest secrets. Or make use of the less horrifying "Humane" variant where the prison includes a calm pool and far fewer torture implements.

This map is 41x60 squares, and contains 18 variations (including the base image):

  • Original (Day | Night)
  • Abandoned
  • Empty (Day | Night)
  • Fire (Blue | Green | Pink | Purple)
  • Flooded
  • Frozen
  • Fun Dungeon
  • Haunted
  • Humane
  • Massacre
  • Spider
  • Toxic (Lime | Pink)

Shard Note: These maps are gridless, but have been scaled appropriately to work with Shard's built-in grid feature. To enable the grid, simply click on the grid icon (the solid square) above the map.

Product Details

Published 2/20/2024
Category Map Collection
Theme Dungeon
Setting Any Setting
Includes 18 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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