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Race for The Dragon's Claw

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In Race for The Dragon’s Claw, the party is called upon by an oracle of Alela, the goddess of war and summer, to prevent a magical sword from falling into the hands of a knight both hostile to the party and in the service of Ada, the goddess of winter. The party must seek a ruined caravan of the ancient Dragon Empire and race their rival through the massive wreck to retrieve a magical sword before their enemy can use it against them. In the process, the party may discover an optional objective. Near the caravan is the lair of a spirit naga, who they will meet as they move through the caravan. If they wish, they can delve into her lair and confront her followers.

Product Details

Published 8/23/2023
Category Adventure
Adventure level 8 - undefined
Includes 2 Art, 2 Maps, 7 Encounters, 3 Monsters, 2 Items, 1 Books
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