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Advanced Olde Swords Reign

Scott Myers

Price $3.99

Welcome to Advanced Olde Swords Reign,  a tabletop roleplaying game with modern mechanics taken from the 5E SRD (System Reference Document) and based on the original 1974 edition and later Advanced Editions of the World's Oldest Roleplaying Game and some of those editions supplements. It is not a retro-clone but more of an homage to the "old-school" style of play that is more readily accessible to modern gamers.

Advanced Olde Swords Reign is filled with over 300 spells, 12 classes, 7 races, feats, backgrounds, rules for combat, over 200 monsters and NPCs, 100's of magical items, rules for Olde Swords Reign Referees, and more.

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Published 10/31/2021
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Setting Any Setting
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