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Black Flag Alpha

Hal Howard

Price $Free

The product models the contents of Black Flag Roleplaying System Reference Document v0.1.

It includes the 4 base classes each with 2 subclasses and 4 lineages with 8 heritage (2 that are common to each lineage).  It also includes monsters, spells, and additional custom types to support getting a feel for Black Flag prior to the updated release in 2024.  This package will continue to be updated as new versions of the SRD are made available.

Product Details

Published 12/28/2023
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Includes 63 Art, 4 Natural Adaptations, 4 Martial Actions, 3 Natural Weapons, 7 Weapon Options, 8 Subclasses, 8 Heritages, 2 Diseases, 1 Extension, 4 Lineages, 25 Talents, 152 Spells, 69 Monsters, 1 Books, 4 Backgrounds, 4 Classes
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