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Vineyard Estate Map Pack

D&Demetrius Cartography

A large estate [75x75] situated near the coast with 9 unique variants

Price $4.99

"The old estate has been there ever since the village folk could remember. Vines sprung from the surrounding fields, whose nectar was as sweet as honey. Barrels would go in and out of the presser, while workers toiled, albeit pleasantly, on the fields. The family that owns it has an almost mythical shroud surrounding them. Some say they are descendants of old war heroes that conquered the area and built the estate. Others claim they are nobles from afar that purchased the land from the previous owner. What is certain is that the wine produced here is top quality and is sought after by everyone in the county. What's the secret you may ask? I can only give you rumors, adventurers...."

This huge battlemap ([75x75]) comes in 9 unique and highly-detailed variants, full of plot hooks, points of interest, and a beautiful scenery!

In this pack you will find variants for:
•Day, Night, and Sunset
•Storm, Winter, Mist
•Massacre, Fire, Ruins

May the rolls be in your favour!

Product Details

Published 6/16/2023
Category Map Collection
Theme Historical, Urban, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Books
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