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Southlands Bundle

Kobold Press

Everything Needed to Start a Southlands Campaign

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This bundle includes:

The Southlands Worldbook

In the Southlands, the world is alive with elemental power and wondrous magic, ancient god-kings walk among the living, and empires at their height echo the mystery and majesty of the past. This campaign setting is ripe with possibilities for adventure in ancient tombs, enormous jungles, and searing deserts where swift-flying sand ships dart between distant cities.

The sprawling Southlands include the legacy of jinn, the domains of gnolls, the ruins of minotaurs, the gifts of god-kings, and many more rich stories perfect for pulp adventure campaigns.

  • A glittering array of kingdoms to adventure in!
  • Beautiful regional maps fully pinned and linked to the text descriptions of each location.
  • Complete pantheons with new divine domains.
  • New monsters and new equipment.

The Southlands Player's Guide

This book provides character options well beyond the norm. Eight playable races and options including: catfolk, gnolls, jinnborn, lizardfolk, minotaurs, trollkin, and many more.

These new options include all-new backgrounds as well, such as the Desert Runner, Siwali embalmer, and Servant of the Jinn! Uncover new Southlands subclasses that fit your character, such as:

  • Circle of the Desert druid archetype
  • Aeromancer wizard arcane tradition
  • Oath of the Ancestors for paladins
  • Caravan raider rogue archetype
  • And many others!

Plus new spells, hieroglyphs and lotus blossoms, weapons, armor, and more! The Southlands Player’s Guide adds layers of enchantment to any game!

City of Cats

This city gazetteer and adventure collection is a perfect introduction to the Southlands campaign setting. It also fits neatly into any desert setting where cats are sacred and rats are cautious and sly.

City of Cats includes:

  • Three wild adventures for levels 1 to 5, loaded with memorable NPCs
  • Dozens of fully detailed and illustrated villains, NPCs, and new monsters
  • Fully linked and cross referenced map of the city’s dusty streets, rich temples, deadly docks, and the River of Sand!
  • A complete gazetteer of its districts filled with adventure ideas and distinctive characters

Sniff what’s in the air and prepare for adventure—in the City of Cats!

Product Details

Published 8/17/2021
Category Setting Guide, Adventure, Character Options
Setting Midgard, Southlands
Adventure level 1 - 5
Includes 540 Art, 12 Random Encounter Tables, 4 Mojo Bag Recipes, 51 Encounters, 4 Feats, 35 Subclasses, 2 Hieroglyphs, 21 Races, 38 Maps, 25 Spells, 188 Monsters, 83 Items, 3 Books, 6 Backgrounds
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