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Artifices of Quartztoil Tower

Nord Games

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There have been rumors of the abandoned Quartztoil Tower’s secrets — and both sides, both dark and light, have taken notice. Are you and your team ready to take on this journey?

Set out on 3-5 sessions of exhilarating adventure with the Heroes of High Fantasy: Artifices of Quartztoil Tower. Known for strange creatures, mysterious magic, and the abundance of the unknown, this story campaign is sure to not disappoint.

Encounters are presented at three distinct difficulty levels for low, mid, and high level characters. They can be easily modified to accommodate parties of varying levels.

Product Details

Published 11/19/2022
Category Adventure
Includes 45 Art, 6 Maps, 21 Encounters, 47 Monsters, 6 Items, 1 Books
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