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A Peaceful Pirate Town | 3 Variations | 10 Points of Interest

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Sunmoor is an unusual pirate town that is home to the Darkreef Armada and run by the Pirate Queen Junonia Darkreef, captain of the Bloodwake. What makes this pirate town so unusual is that it is a less rowdy than one might expect as the town is more than just a place to escape the law and drink until one passes out. This is the place one goes when they want to rid themselves of stolen cargo or to purchase extremely rare items, or to hire someone to steal those items.

Points of Interest

This map pack includes information on various points of interest around town, including a tavern, a school, and a secret tunnel leading into the cliffside.


The default scale for this map is 50 feet per square, making it 1,414 feet wide x 973. The scale can be changed by opening up the settings menu for the map.

A note from Deven: Like most maps, this map is representational. They are there to provide markers to help you navigate from one point to another, to give an idea of the size of the place you're exploring, and to hint at what each area is like.

Alternate Images

This map pack includes three versions of this map:

  • Labeled
  • No Text
  • DM Notes (includes numbers for the points of interest)


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