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A Walk on the Feywild Side

Tabletale Games

A 4th-level Adventure of Magic and Mischief (4-8 hours)

Price $5.99

Step into a world of magical whimsy and take A Walk on the Feywild Side!  

A Walk on the Feywild Side is a plane-hopping 4-8 hour adventure for a group of 3 to 5 characters between 3rd and 5th level that can be played as a one-shot or placed within a larger campaign.

When a young boy goes missing, the party is tasked with returning him home - but their search will take them to a twilight world where nothing is as it seems.  Players will meet the colorful characters who make their home in the Feywild, face an evil corruption warping reality itself, and maybe even strike a bargain or two in the process.  While the Feywild may play tricks on the characters’ memories, it’s an adventure your players won’t soon forget!  

This adventure includes: 

  • A rich reactive story with multiple paths that plays with what it means to be an adventurer.
  • Two Versatile, Full Color Hand-Drawn maps!
  • Four New Monsters - With original token & handout art!
  • Four Pregenerated Characters with Tokens - making this adventure perfect for a pickup oneshot or existing parties!
  • A Mercurial Magic Table - Mystic mayhem inspired by the Feywild!
  • Four Feywild Random Encounters - to expand your adventure!
  • A Fey Bargain Table - What are your players willing to give up for great power?
  • Mischievous Magical Items - Keep your players on their toes with these twists on classic adventuring gear!

Watch the author run an edited Actual Play of this adventure! 

Product Details

Published 8/24/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Planar, Wilderness, Comedy, Intrigue
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 3 - 5
Includes 22 Art, 1 Random Encounter Tables, 2 Maps, 4 Encounters, 5 Monsters, 5 Items, 1 Books, 2 Pregenerated Characters
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