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World of Theon

Deven Rue

1 World Map + 8 Regional Maps

Price $7.99

A beautifully hand-drawn map of the fictional world of Theon! This map is highly detailed and sure to make your players want to explore! Includes 9 maps: the full world map plus 8 regional maps to show greater detail.


The world map includes pins linking to the various regional maps, each of which also includes pins linking to the adjacent regions, for ease of navigating between maps.

These pins can only be used by the GM to navigate between maps, and by default, are hidden from players' view. By clicking on a pin, you can set it to display for players, but they are still unable to use them to navigate to other maps.


The default scale for this map is 50 miles per square, making it 1,414 miles wide by 907 miles tall.

A note from Deven: Like most maps, this map is representational. They are there to provide markers to help you navigate from one point to another, to give an idea of the size of the world you're exploring, and to hint at what each area is like. Nothing is drawn to scale because if it were, there'd be very little detail and thus add very little to the story.

Product Details

Published undefined
Category Map Collection
Setting Any Setting
Includes 10 Art, 9 Maps, 1 Encounters, 1 Books
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