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Monsters Mythica: Black-Eyed Child

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Creature Option For 5th Edition

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“They came from the road already pleading to be let in. Before I could ask why two children were traveling alone at night, their begging turned to screams, then to howling and pounding on the gates. I felt the ramparts shaking under my feet as I turned to sound the alarm. When I looked back they were gone as suddenly as they’d appeared.”

- From the report of Falen Cooper, wall guard


Black-Eyed Children are widely regarded as a myth. A tale told by road-weary travelers to entertain tavern goers and encourage the flow of free ale. But these child-like fiends are all too real and spend their lives roaming roads and paths in search of well-meaning people to fall prey to their insidious guise.


This supplement includes:

  • A reimagining of the popular urban legend as a 5th Edition-ready creature.

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Bestiary
Theme Horror
Includes 2 Art, 1 Monsters, 1 Books
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