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Busy Port Map Pack

D&Demetrius Cartography

A large bustling port map pack with 8 unique variants to enhance your campaign

Price $4.99

Busy Port [75x51]- Huge port Map with 8 Variants!

While profit and business can be made in such a bustling port town, where merchants hastily fare products from faraway lands to sell for gold, and farmers and craftsmen bring their produce and creation to display, disaster can swiftly strike. Whether it is a swindler, a bad deal, a guard turned undead, a pirate raid, or something more sinister, have your wits about you. And of course, if you belong to the immoral kind, the type that has gains as its sole guiding principle, then ravel in the opportunities that are raging around you. For sellers and merchants leave these places with heavy pockets, in need of lightening.

The map comes with 8 uniquely flavored variants:
•Day, Night, Sunset
•Storm, Winter, Haunted
•Pirate Attack, Cthulhu Attack

Hope you've enjoyed yet another one of my map packs!

Product Details

Published 6/16/2023
Category Map Collection
Theme Urban, Historical
Setting Any Setting
Includes 1 Books
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